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Date Created:26 Nov 2014

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Written By: Michael Sinkolongo

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The Oasis short story writing course (SSWC) is finally here!

This course is the first ever of its kind. It is highly interactive and loaded with all the learning techniques known to the online world.

This course was developed in conjunction with the Mumiabi Developers who have set up an e-learning panel into the Mumiabi framework, on which the Writers’ Oasis wonderfully sits. With this panel, you will be able to browse through the available training programs and subscribe to those that interest you. We are truly grateful for all the hard work they have put into this panel in order to enable us to carry out this short story course.

So, having said that, I want to tell you WHY you should join the Short Story Writing Course

Why You should Join

Simply because there is none like it.

Yes, that is the simple truth. There is nothing quite like the short story writing course.

The material gathered in this course was arrived at after weeks, months and even years of research. Most of you acquainted with my work through the writing-lovers website will testify to this fact.

That’s not all. Most of the material covered in this course actually works. The techniques and methods I talk about in this material are those that I have used myself in my stories. If you have read any of my stories, you are acquainted with these techniques.

So if you want to horn your writing skills, then you are in the right place. Just log into your dashboard and access the training panel.

What is Covered

Literally, almost everything on short story writing. But we shall pay close attention to the following aspects:

1.       How to craft  hypnotizing Introductions

2.       Developing effective characters

3.       Developing the plot

4.       Creating gripping suspense

5.        Choosing titles to entice your readers


The list is too long for me to enumerate.

Who should Join

Anyone is free to join. It is free! However, you need to have a writing account first. And to do that, you need to sign up for it over here: sign up for a writing account

How to Join

Subscribing to this program is as easy as pie, maybe even easier. Once you manage to sign up for a writing account, you can then log in and that access the Short Story Writing Course via the Training panel available through your writing dashboard.

Let the Fun Begin!

What are you waiting for?

Subscribe now and let the fun begin.

Remember, it is FREE.

If you don’t sign up now, you will pay for it later. 

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